Santa Monica Mountains Maps

Santa Monica Mountains Mountain Biking and Hiking Maps

Santa Monica Mountains Maps
Santa Monica Mountains Maps
Santa Monica Mountains Maps$18.00

Complete set of 4 mountain biking (MTB) and hiking maps & guides in the Santa Monica Mountains

Map 1 – Mugu

Map 2 – Simi Hills

Map 3 – Malibu Creek

Map 4 – Topanga

The Santa Monica Mountains rise above The Pacific Ocean and Los Angeles and provide a perfect location for both mountain biking and hiking. This pack provides four detailed maps and guides to the most popular and accessible areas. The mountains stretch 50 miles from east to west but they are only 10 miles wide and are deeply influenced by their proximity to the ocean. The Santa Monicas rise steeply from the sea and many trails have long hills with great views. The area can be visited year round and there are ample flat canyon areas where the less fit can gain experience before attempting more challenging terrain.

Map 1 covers Point Mugu and Big Sycamore Canyon and is ideal for the beginner or less fit. It includes La Jolla Valley and Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa and Los Robles Trail. Map 2 describes 3 terrific routes on the south side of The Simi Hills including Palo Comado Canyon and Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space. Map 3 covers Malibu Creek, an area much loved by Hollywood and it includes a great route to the 70’s TV series M*A*S*H site. Map 4 of Topanga has the steepest and most severe terrain. The map includes the surrounding areas as far as Mandeville Ridge in the east and trails north of Mulholland Drive.

Map 1 - This map of Mugu covers the western most park area of the Santa Monica Mountains. It includes the first class mountain biking trails of Big Sycamore Canyon and the hiking only area of La Jolla Valley. Also included is the historic Rancho Sierra Vista Satwiwa and the single track Los Robles Trail. Three great routes are marked clearly on the map and described in detail. This area is particularly suited to those new to biking and hiking as the terrain is more forgiving and mostly less steep than the rest of the maps in the Trailmaps Santa Monica Series.

Map 2 - This map and guide covers the stunning Las Virgenes, Palo Comado and Cheeseboro Canyons. Also included is the China Flat and the Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve. Despite the close proximity of huge housing estates the trails remain isolated and unspoilt. This is an important wildlife corridor between the Santa Monica Mountains and the north. There are 3 suggested routes marked clearly on the map and described in detail in the guide. Use this map to explore, or just follow one of the routes through this magnificent natural landscape.

Map 3 - The area shown on this map and guide includes Malibu Creek State Park and the surrounding area to the north and west. It includes the Backbone Trail along the Mesa Peak Motorway through Solstice Canyon, to the end of the Zuma Canyon Trail. Also shown is Rocky Oaks Park and the Paramount, Peter Strauss and Reagan Ranches. There are 3 great routes marked clearly on the map and described in detail in the guide.

Map 4 - Topanga State Park is close to the city of Los Angeles and only a few miles north of Santa Monica. Bounded in the south by the Pacific Coast and in the north by The San Fernando Valley the area consists mainly of a series of steep oak and chaparral covered canyons and ridges. In the west Topanga Canyon cuts deeply through the Santa Monica Mountains and in the east the map extends as far as Mandeville Ridge. Three great routes are marked clearly on the map and described in detail. They are suitable for both bikers and hikers alike.

ISBN 978-1-906184-18-6

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